AI-driven Low-code Platform for Behavioral Testing and Monitoring IoT Software. Made for QA, Engineers, and business users to accelerate the development cycle, reduce testing costs, and simplify system scalability.
Timetick — advanced IoT testing & monitoring tool
I was invited to the project as a ux specialist to help transform the ideas of stakeholders into a user-friendly, well-thought-out and functional web service. Cause it was an early stage startup, there was no final understanding of the project, we had to work in an atmosphere where the logic and structure could change every two/three days. On this project we didn't do any reserch with users, only analized some of the similar services (search for interesting design solutions). Design sprints were divided by the main sections of the project, each day I prepared a design/prototype of certain pages or a part of some complex functionality, then we had a call with stakeholders and programmers to discuss/approve, the next step was to finalize this section design based on comments.
My role and processes
The development of the project started before I was joined, and developers had already started to work on the MUI framework, so I built the design (components, buttons, indents, sizes, etc.) on the basis of the MUI design system, but added my own custom elements and components. As a result, for 5 months of work I designed more than 100 pages of the project, which transformed into a full-fledged clickable prototype.
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