Lukovich Evgeny
Product designer with 10+ years of experience
I help startups and businesses grow, achieve goals and solve their users needs through thoughtful and high-quality design solutions. My experience spans both mobile applications and complex web services.
Preffered cooperation
I have extensive experience launching my own products, including both successful projects and complete failures. This experience allows me better understand processes within startups and effectively solve emerging challenges. Also, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with companies such as Vimeo, Aura, Nerdwallet and LionStudios, which allows me easily adapt to demands of working in large organizations.
B2B contract (can discuss)
Bachelor’s degree, Engineering
English, Russian
Current location
Warsaw, Poland

Work experience

Aura (Pango Group)
Product designer, contractor
Aug 2023 — Mar 2024, Poland

Aura is a cybersecurity company that's part of the Pango Group. It focus on providing digital security solutions for consumers and businesses, including VPN services, antivirus software, and identity theft protection.

Tasks I performed:

  • Structured and expanded ui kit for some mobile apps and websites ;
  • Worked on new onboarding flows to increase revenue;
  • Created marketing materials (store screenshots, creative ads assets for CAG and etc.).
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Product designer, full-time
Jan 2023 - Feb 2024, Poland

Nerdwallet is a popular personal finance company that provides tools and advice to help consumers make financial decisions, such as choosing credit cards, loans, insurance, and investment options. NerdWallet offers a variety of resources, including articles, comparison tools, and calculators, to empower people to make informed choices about their finances.

Tasks I performed:

  • Worked in a team of 20 designers to create a design system;
  • Analyzed competitors;
  • Designed new sections of the site (auto, insurance) and components (calculators, lead generation flows and etc.);
  • Run a large number of A/B tests with managers.
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Lion Studios by Applovin
Product designer, full-time
Mar 2022 - Dec 2022, Belarus

Applovin is a mobile advertising technology company that provides solutions for mobile app developers to monetize their apps through in-app advertising. Applovin offers a variety of tools and services, including ad mediation, analytics, and user acquisition solutions.

Tasks I performed:

  • Conducted interviews with users;
  • Analyzed web services;
  • Designed the service and created a full clickable prototype;
  • Created visual style and design system;
  • Prepared layouts and descriptions for developers.
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Skyrocket (AZUR Pro) by Azur Games
Product designer, full-time
Feb 2020 - Apr 2022, Belarus

AzurPro is a small product company with 6 own mobile (IOS) products, with overall downloads about million per month and revenue about 800k.

Tasks I performed:

  • Worked with managers and marketing team on creating different onboarding flows to increase revenue through converting trial users into payment;
  • Analyzed competitors apps;
  • Planned, prepared and launched A/B test;
  • Designed two apps from scratch.
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Magisto (Vimeo)
Product designer, full-time
Aug 2017 - Nov 2018, Israel

Magisto is a popular online video editing and production platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the video editing process. Magisto allows users to upload their video clips and photos, choose a theme and soundtrack, and then it automatically creates a polished video montage. It's commonly used by individuals and businesses for creating marketing videos, social media content, personal videos, and more.

Tasks I performed:

  • Analyzed competitors apps and web sites;
  • Worked closely in a team with managers and analysts to launch new features;
  • Worked with the marketing team to improve onboarding flow and conversion rates;
  • Met with clients, conducted focus groups, presented new ideas.
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Product designer, contractor
Sep 2016 - Jan 2017, Israel

Onysus is a small startup that provides a visual editor enabling everyone to create immersive experiences with technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and gesture-based interactions. Its patent-pending platform is visual and intuitive, yet robust enough to develop complex computer vision-based systems and applications within a completely graphical environment, similar to the video editing tools we are already familiar with.

Tasks I performed:

  • Created interfaces for several augmented reality products;
  • Helped with designing presentration materials.
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UX/UI designer, full-time
Nov 2014 - Jul 2016, Belarus

Designsters is a digital design agency that specializes in creating user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms.

Tasks I performed:

  • Met with clients, gathered requirements/wishes, presented solutions;
  • Designed websites and mobile apps;
  • Prepared layouts and descriptions for developers.
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PixelPlex Inc.
UX/UI Designer, full-time
Mar 2012 — Oct 2014, Belarus

Pixelplex is a software development company that specializes in blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies. They offer a range of services including custom software development, blockchain development, smart contract development, and more.

Tasks I performed:

  • Met with clients, gathered requirements/wishes, presented solutions;
  • Designed websites;
  • Prepared layouts and descriptions for developers.
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